In 2013, Texas led the nation with 1,337 deaths caused by a drunk driver.

Several of these wrecks were caused by drivers with more than one DWI already. In 2014, 1,446 people died in Texas due to being hit by a drunk driver. Out of those 1,446 people, a whopping 193 people were under-aged drinkers.  Further, it has been estimated that about 70% of the 1,446 drunk drivers had a breath alcohol content of at least a 0.15 (0.08 is the legal limit) and, according to a program called the “Right Step”, all of those people were repeat offenders. Looking at the statistics, it is clear that for every year thereafter, the number of DWI arrests have risen throughout the United States, including the number of DWI related injuries and deaths.

Many people who have been affected by a drunk driver have trouble making a claim because they do not know their rights. The complex nature of cases involving drunk drivers may discourage a person to seek justice.

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It wasn’t your fault and you should protect the rights given to you by the laws of the State of Texas.

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